Our Services

Legal action can remove barriers to treatment, housing, benefits and more. There is a common misperception thVAP-flyer-thumbnailat all of veterans’ needs are taken care of by the VA for life. The truth is that the VA does not provide legal assistance, and access to VA services can be a complicated and lengthy process—not every veteran will qualify. Community partners and state and local government must come together to serve those who served us.

For more information on our initiatives and partnerships, see our About page.

Here’s what we do:

Represent clients in Housing Court and in NYCHA hearings to prevent evictions and homelessness. Help veterans maintain HUD-VASH vouchers and supportive housing.

Health Care
Ensure veterans’ legal access to health care and mental health treatment. Connect veterans with the appropriate services and support, including substance abuse treatment and counseling. We also assist veterans with discharge upgrades to remove barriers to VA benefits and health care.

Support clients in maintaining an income through benefits such as VA Pensions and Compensation, education benefits, including the GI Bill, Public Assistance, and Food Stamps.

Criminal Advocacy & Defense
VAP provides assistance to counsel for veterans in capital cases, with focus on development and presentation of military-related mitigation.

 If we cannot assist clients in a particular area, we find someone who can. Veterans are matched with partner organizations and we follow up, so our clients get services—not just another phone number. An advocate is available to them every step of the way.


If you need assistance or just have questions about any topic listed here, please email us at contact@veteranadvocacy.org, call us at 646-602-5620, or check out our contact page for office hours in four boroughs.